Games are widely enjoyed by adults and kids’. Since the days are passing; a lot of games have been introduced. I will introduce a new game, “Superhot VR”.  It is an interesting game for everyone to play and creates an excellent illusion of superhuman shoots & moves.

Superhot VR is simply made for virtual reality feel for the gaming platform. Undoubtedly, it is a fantastic game, so called “Super Fun” game on PSVR. With its amazing graphics and controls, it builds a great game on Play station.

Superhot VR Review:

Superhot VR PS4 is an incredible game and basically, it is a Matrix simulator. It brings an immense feeling in Matrix and makes you use the weapons. It is a superfast game, worth its price. This game engages you in no time. The experience of Superhot is definitely a unique concept with moves and bullets.

Long back, people used to play Max Payne, the first slow action bullet game by Matrix. But it failed to gain interest in the world of virtual reality action. However, Superhot VR brought great relief with its new gaming design and speed.

Superhot VR is a thrilling experience for players with natural feeling and enjoyment.

Levels of Superhot VR:

1. Smash Time

Superhot VR takes you in an imaginary world of annoyed glass men who want to kill you. You need to shoot, tight punch, smash and smash them for your victory over life. This gives a real feel of defeating your enemies. It depends on your fast move as well as their movement.

In this game, several enemies are shooting at you with their bullets at a fast speed, and you have to shoot them back.

2. Restart and Replay

Every level is categorized into different sections. You have to complete the first level and move on to the other section. In case you fail to defeat your enemy, you have to restart the game again. This replay and repeat enable you to quickly learn the tricks of Superhot VR for next time.

Typically, each level has five sections or more. The over and over performance make you win by ending up your enemies. Each section of Superhot VR introduces a new environment. You have to be aware and look for any weapons or enemies that are there to attack you. Even a single miss of movement puts you in danger.

You could end up this game by a clever trick like shooting with guns on the air and lead you to victory. Time is very important to follow- the moment you find the guns fall on the floor, then it breaks and shatters.

3. Glass enemies and glass houses

Superhot VR is a super game because as you throw a bottle at your enemies they will scatter down like glass. Then there is a chance of winning.

You will find many objects to defeat them such as knives, bottles, stars, guns, ashtrays, and cameras.

4. Punch, Shoot and Stab

While shooting you have to put a check on your movement. Multiple firing with bullets will make your time hectic. In many sections on each level, you won’t find a weapon to fight, and then you need to punch on the face of your enemy to be out of any danger. With the use of left hooks, uppercuts, and diving takes to victory.

The action shots are intermixed in every section. 1 minute you have to punch many enemies, next wielding with machine guns and a blast to win. The telekinetic power helps you to destroy your enemies. Whenever you hit or give a shot some sort of sound occurs.

After this level, there is a headshot, hardcore, never-ending waves where you cannot die. At this level, you have to kill a hundred enemies and keep you engaged for hours.

5. Gaming Space

Superhot VR is a super stand-game, where you have to stand in one spot and wait for your enemies to come nearer. It requires many movements for gaming.

Price & Rating:

Superhot VR PS4 is a super cool game with reality experience, despite its hardware limitations.

‘Excited!’ ‘Rush and grab the super VR game’

For and Against of SuperHot VR :

Amazing game with bullet shotsSometimes, the hitbox is off
Brilliant track movementMakes you frustrating when you can’t win
Learn the trick of gaming with repeatsMovements sweat you a lot
Clever puzzle gamecheckpoint s are quite annoying
Feel like the real fight with enemiesThrowing objects
Best version of VRVisual Reality Tracking
Good for actions and illusionsNot suitable for children below age 12
Keep you engagedIt may cause motion sickness

Additional Details:

  • Developer– SuperHot
  • Genre/s– First-person, Shooter, Action, Puzzle, and Tactical
  • Controllers– Movement required
  • Multiple Online Players– No Multiple Online players

Awards And Accreditations:

Superhot VR ultimately became people’s favorite VR game. It is the first person shooter game that took the award home. The superhot team truly deserves the award out of their three years of hard work in redesigning and re-imaginations.

Awards in the year 2017:

  • Nominated as the Best VR Game 2017 by GDCA in 2017
  • Winner of DICE Awards Immerse Reality Game in 2017
  • Winner of Pixel Awards for Best Virtual Reality Game in 2017
  • Winner of Unity Vision Summit Virtual Reality Game in 2017
  • Winner of Digital Dragons for Best Virtual Reality Game in 2017


1Q. How many levels are there in superhot VR?

Ans: Superhot VR is played through nineteen (19) levels. As soon as you complete the game, you can enter other gaming modes.

2Q. Does VR is required for a superhot?

Ans: Yes, Superhot VR requires VR as it brings intense virtual action directly to your mind and soul.

3Q. Can I walk in a superhot VR PS4?

Ans: Not at all, Superhot VR is just a VR gaming experience with bullets, shots, punch, and guns.

Final verdict:

Superhot VR is a thrilling, exhausting, and tough gaming platform. Smashing, bullets movement, and fighting ninja is a simply amazing experience. Overall, it is the best VR game enjoyed by players.


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