We certainly can guess that you are here in search of the best Oculus Rift games that are available in the market, and you can’t wait to buy one. Video game marketer Oculus VR had come up with Oculus Rift games that have boomed into the gaming industry, and provides ultimate gaming accessories to inculcating super fine games; in short Oculus Rift has it all.

If you are mad about gaming and want to get hold of that experience, then dear friends we will help you to choose the best one out.

What is the Oculus Rift Games?

Oculus Rift games have transformed video gaming practice altogether. If you are quizzed on which one to buy, we certainly can calm your anxiousness because our professional experts have quite minutely scrutinized every Oculus Rift game in accordance with Amazon review.

In this read, you will be exposed to the top 10 Oculus Rift games that are reviewed and verified by Amazon itself.

Top 10 Oculus Rift Games:

1. Wolves in the Walls

  • If you are fascinated by fantasy and compelling characters then Wolves in the Walls should be a must buy. One major thing that will intimidate you is the stronghold characters that hook you up like anything.
  • You can feel a living experience while playing this game. Wolves in the Walls is incredibly tough to capture and is filled with expressive creatures and this game is one of the strongest examples of portraying strong influential characters.
  • Initially, you will be introduced to the protagonist character: Lucy, a young bright girl who is in search of help from you. Another interesting aspect of this game is that it will take you to a world where you will be building a bond with Lucy.

2. Beat Saber

  • This game is recognized because of its killer appearance and playing exposure. It is a rhythm action game with knock-off lightsabers.
  • Beat Saber is ridiculously an action-packed game that is a hit in the market; this game offers you with an utterly entrancing experience and makes you feel that you are King of this world.
  • You can slash notes that arrive on time with a beat. In this game, you will feel like throwing your motion controllers like a ninja, this game energizes you with instinctive dance on a given track.
  • According to Amazon’s best review and customer satisfaction, many people have suggested that Beat Saber is among the best Oculus Rift Game.

3. Stormland

  • With Stormland you will go through with a trance that will completely change your gaming experience. Previously when virtual reality games were on a verge of transition players were generally rooted in the designated spot meaning it was more rigid in terms of movement.
  • Stormland is a game where you will be covered around an island and have to run to survive and do other activities.
  • The refined locomotion elements make Stormland a meticulously powerful and energetic.
  • To add more to it, the super-smart design and a freshly brewed content support playing with two or more people in this whole package.
  • According to Amazon customer feedback, Stormland faces tough challenges in AI and controls.

4. No Man’s Sky

  • This virtual reality video game has promised to bring the entire universe including billions of generated planets by connecting them with unending oceans that are to be explored by you or with your friends.
  • It has a few technical glitches, but you cannot rid yourself from this game. Here you will see yourself journeying to the top of Peak Mountains, duping out spaceship battles and scouting below the oceans.
  • According to Amazon, No Man’s Sky is best-loved games and this game itself has an influx of incredible effort to give you a supernatural feel.
  • The navigation is outrageous and you will come across plenty of beautiful sights and sounds and fairly a great resource gathering grind to fight.
  • If you are a person of too much inquisitiveness then we tell you to snatch this one from the market itself.

5. Pistol Whip

  • This game might be new in the market but it is worth buying as it does not cheat your money. Pistol Whip has sharpshooting, sharp sound and proves to be best in beat-based gameplay other than Beat Saber.
  • It has a neon-lit shooter, you can stream down the corridors and have blasting grizzly tunes from bad guys this is done to avoid incoming fire and prevent racking up the best scores.
  • Pistol Whip is a game that is influenced by superhot prominent virtual reality game John Wick
  • This game aims to teach you with a super fun gun-fu style of shooting that is elegantly fused with rhythm and cinematic outlook. Giving a very monster-like feeling.

6. A Fisherman’s Tale

  • If you are a person of recapturing magical moments through your games then A Fisherman’s Tale is somewhat a game that Amazon might have handpicked for you.
  • This game is concentrated to one destination, its mind-boggling puzzles take you through another level of imagination that makes this one also the best Oculus Rift game.
  • In this game, you can solve your intricate your scale based puzzles and can utilize a miniature model of a lighthouse in your game set.
  • You can lift the roof and see your miniature model who is imitating your every movement and actions in the gameplay.
  • While playing A Fisherman’s Tale try to keep your brain from breaking as you will be handing yourself to giant objects or you reach down to a point where you poke your head.
  • If you wish to throw a poignant story about yourself acceptance then this sharp virtual reality game has it all.
  • This game can be played with multiple players, so if you are a game freak and wants to enjoy an enthralling experience with your friends then A Fisherman’s Tale is perfect for you.

7. Skyrim

  • This game from Oculus Rift is definitely breathtaking with unfortunately some very awkward quirks.
  • Characters like Tamreil are going to influence your minds. There are hundreds of hours of content that is worth to explore your minds.
  • There is full autonomy in choosing your characters and an enormous chance to explore the world.
  • Skyrim is very much close in fulfilling your dream to play a virtual game that is fully coined with adventure.
  • Against the original game, Skyrim is providing you with mod support that makes this game an unending spirit of brilliant content.

8. Superhot

  • Superhot from the Oculus Rift game is no doubt the most instantly rewarding virtual game you can have.
  • Its original flat screen was no doubt great but, this time you will be able to bring your whole body into this groundbreaking shooter. The developer has completely turned every flip of this game.
  • In Superhot time is expected to move only when you decide to, that means you and the rest of the world will remain still until and unless you tend to move it.
  • Each time you wish to raise your arm or duck your head into, you will see the world will crawl into life.
  • You must have an essential human playback video device
  • Superhot from Oculus Rift provides you with the steep realization of physical integration in virtual reality established game
  • Superhot makes an effortless entry in the virtual game and will give you a catch of ninja star or handgun that comes with an outstanding slick of satisfaction which you get anywhere else. Currently, this Superhot stands high standard satisfaction for shooters.

If you are mad about shooting, Oculus Rift’s Superhot stands out alone as predicted by Amazon reviewers.

9. Lone Echo

  • Lone Echo from Oculus Rift represents two of the most impressive and engaging virtual games till today
  • As a bundle of combine package, this game will take you to a visionary atmosphere of thrilling ride experience including best production values
  • Lone Echo game utilizes amazing usage of zero gravity and builds an excellent relationship between players.
  • Characters like a robot named Jack, captain Olivia deliver a brilliant tight campaign with meaningful interaction and promising narrative

10. Asgard’s Wrath

  • Playing Asgard’s Wrath is a wonderful experience. This game might not make a similar match in terms of size and scale with Skyrim but adds more elements in a design.
  • Asgard’s Wrath is a polished adventurous game that delivers a dream experience to gamers like you.
  • This game is considered as AAA that all native virtual game gets.
  • It has a 30+ hour campaign filled with secrets and uncovers mysteries that can turn out to be eye candy for you
  • Asgard’s Wrath has refined combat and menu system that includes you in this amazingly beautiful world of Norse Mythology.

Our Recommended Games:

In regards to our above chart we might have tentatively drawn a complete picture in front of you, our minute effort must have made a difference in solving your queries but, we will make sure that after this read up you will be able to choose the come with a decision quite promptly.

1. Superhot

This one from Oculus Rift is indeed a super hot game, it’s outrageous graphics and multiple language support makes it quite desirable. Talking about its precision it works smoothly with i5 core processor and does not ask for much space, if you have a good gaming graphics card and average space, you will be able to easily install this game.

According to experience customers, Superhot has fine dodging bullets and you can take down enemies with your fist, axes, guns, etc. This game has proved to be entertaining among various purchasers and it’s worth your money.

2. A Fisherman’s Tale

If you are wondering to play with tiny fishermen, puppets may be living in your tiny cabin or broadcasting any storm alert then A Fisherman’s Tale is worth buying. This game breaks multiple laws of physics in the form of mind-blowing puzzles.

Following customer feedback, they have overall stated that A Fisherman’s Tale is immersive and very much entertaining. The scenery graphics are amazingly awesome, this game isn’t long enough but is still worthy of your money.

3. Asgard’s Wrath

Asgard’s Wrath price may range from $39.99-40.99, which may sound a bit costly but, gives you a gaming experience of next level combat. It poses different classes of characters and mortal heroes, solves puzzles, and can transform animals and other creatures into warrior champions that help you to lead the battle.

Regarding customers, they found this game to be excellent in delivering visuals, great puzzles, and simple RPG’s. This game is stated by the customer as a real AAA game and a must buy if anyone is a fan of virtual reality.


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