Gods will be watching is a simple yet intuitive point and click game for users to try. The 2D platformer game is quite popular on steam. It is also available on Android and iOS smartphones. The point and click thriller story are encapsulating. You will enjoy a fantastic storyline that baffles all audiences. The narrative puzzles and moral dilemmas give you an intimate experience to life.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some fantastic alternatives for the game. There are some fantastic games like Gods will be Watching available for all platforms. 

Games Like Gods Will Be Watching: Our Top List

Here are some of the top picks that we came across while looking for alternatives. You can have a great experience while browsing through these titles.

1. Tick’s Tales

The graphics are not everything when it comes to games. The retro architecture that tick’s tales brings with it is baffling—the story of the lowly fellow trying to win over everything evil. You have to live the virtual life of Tick. The goal is to make sure you can get the girl and defeat the village villain. Save your loved ones and family in this thriller. The hilarious modern narrative on the game will occupy your mind. You will get tests on many aspects like wisdom, courage, and strength. 


  • Unique storylines ensure that you are always active. 
  • It is an inexpensive purchase on the Steam store.  
  • The innovative and challenging puzzles will always keep you on your toes. 

2. Blackwell Epiphany

Blackwell Epiphany is getting the highest ratings on the steam store. The retro 8-bit game is popular among indie gamers. 

These days there are some special promotions for your gaming needs. The steam summer sale is the right time to invest in titles. The Blackwell series has been running strong since 2006. You will find compelling storytelling and solid puzzles to be the real deal. The system requirements to run this one are very basic. Any device can successfully get this one running. 

Explore multiple characters and let the story run its course. The story ends the saga in a very conclusive manner. 


  • A tremendous indie series to explore while you are stuck at home. 
  • An old school title which brings back a lot of memories for gamers. 
  • Get a great story through the gaming experience. 

3. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father

Gabriel knight is a breathtaking storyline for you to explore. You don the character of Gabriel, who is one of the very few shadow hunters. The goal is to fight the supernatural through this storyline. A century-old curse plagues the existence of Gabriel. He gets nightmares all the time about the scary stories that haunt people. The neo-gothic title is excellent for people who want a challenge. Explore the game by scouring through the virtual streets of New Orleans. It is the perfect setting for an 8-bit retro haunted experience. Many people love this art style that the game offers. 


  • The game is compatible with all modern PC devices. 
  • It offers you a fun change of pace when it comes to gaming these days. 
  • The title is a rework of the classic arcade game from the early ’90s. 

4. Bik – A Space Adventure

Bik is an excellent storytelling adventure game that will keep you running for more entertainment. The intriguing gameplay and fantastic level design is perfect. The space saga is unquestionably breathtaking for most gamers. You play the lead of a young boy who is fortunate to get kidnapped by aliens. Your task is to escape from the tyranny of these harmful aliens. The goal is to join forces with mercenaries on board and bring down the empire. We love the dialogue, and you are surely going to enjoy the gameplay style. Graphics are certainly not everything when it comes to a gripping game. 


  • Users have dropbox support from transferring their saves. 
  • It has a fantastic soundtrack that keeps you at the edge of your seat. 
  • Do exciting stuff like fire a laser gun, join mercenaries, and solve puzzles. 

5. Thimbleweed Park™

The thimbleweed park series has many unique options available. You get the full gameplay experience out of this storyline. Users can switch between five different characters to find the perfect compatriot. 

It is a modern mystery and adventure for you to crack. There are different aspects to look at and many things to explore. The deeper you will dive into the story, the weirder it will start to get. The artwork and storyline in this game are chaotic. You will have a fun experience while trying out the different paranormal stories. 


  • There are different settings, but they all tie up together perfectly. 
  • The story is creepy and humorous at the same time. The blend of the two oddities is unreal. 
  • It is a joy to play from the beginning to the end because of the stellar characters and smart puzzles. 


The title stay is for people who love a mystery. The intense game captures your thoughts and actions quite spectacularly. You are sure to have an unforgettable experience while trying out this indie title. The splendid story and encapsulation in the soundtrack will keep you hooked. The game art is also quite distinctive from other titles in this list. The gripping story revolves around you, having all the cards in your pocket. The fate of strangers is in your hands, and you need to be responsible or reckless. Your task is to help Quinn escape from this dusky apartment room where he gets stuck with nothing but a computer. The chat room is his only chance to kiss freedom. 


  • The race against time is real in this title, and you have to be on point. 
  • You always have to be proactive while trying out this escape plan. 
  • It is a great game to develop your empathy. 


Gods will be watching is a stellar title to play on some devices. The artwork is unique and almost breathtaking. The users are put into imaginative scenarios to test their skills. It plays a skillful role in social commentary as well. The titles that we are promoting here are great counterparts. Every story is worth trying out in its way. You’re getting the creme de la creme here.


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