Are you looking for various ways to modify your age-old Skyrim and give it a brand new twist? It is very hard to search for a game in the market that has been subjected to revisionism as Skyrim. It is indeed a dizzying success for Skyrim which was launched long back in 2011.

Skyrim VR Mods – Introduction & Brief Information

Are you curious about add-on mods of Skyrim VR for rich gaming experience? Then you are at the right place, you no longer have to wait to learn about the different types of mods best suited for Skyrim VR. Additional Mods extends and replaces existing content in games. Mods also keep your Skyrim afresh and load interesting features overtime to keep you interested and attached towards the game which was released long back in 2011. Once you become comfortable with installation procedures, you can dive into our list of best and top quality Skyrim VR mods for a fresh experience. Skyrim VR will cost you around 59.99 dollars on a humble store and Steam.

Steps to Install & Use Mods With Skyrim VR on a Personal Computer:

Here you can take a look at the detailed steps that require installing mods for Skyrim VR on your computer.

Enabling Mods:

  • Step One: Launch Skyrim VR and check whether it is functioning properly. Quit, if confirmed.
  • Step Two: Using your computer, go to Documents and click My Games. You will need to open the SkyrimPref.ini document by tapping on Skyrim VR.
  • Step Three: You need to add headings to Launcher at the bottom. Then add bEnableFileSection=1, under it, and save it finally.

Install Mods:

  • Step One: You need to navigate to appdata\local\Skyrim special edition and copy plugins.txt to your clipboard, once you have selected the particular mods you want to install and download.
  • Step Two: You require navigating to appdata\local\SkyrimVR and pasting plugins.txt document in your folder.
  • Step Three: Finally start adventuring after closing NMM!

Let us look at some of the most popular and favorite mods for Skyrim VR.

Best Skyrim VR sound Mods:

  • 3D Audio: If you are facing the issue of inaccurate and flat default audio in Skyrim VR? Then it provides you with the best solutions.
  • Sounds of Skyrim Complete: If you want to hear chirping sound of birds, the chatter of townsfolk, creepy moans of Dragons to make your experience livelier, then you give it a try and never miss those ambient noises while playing games.
  • Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul: These mods provide you with an experience of more realistic sound by creating an effect of echo and bounce off of the surface.

Best Skyrim VR Immersion Mods:

  • Lanterns of Skyrim: If you face the issue of light in playing night games, this mode fixes those problems, effortlessly.
  • The book covers Skyrim: If you find a lot of book covers seem like repeated and trash through games, this mode helps every readable and book object unique.
  • JK’s Skyrim all-in-one: This collection of mod offers lore-appropriate details to each city in this game.
  • Obsidian Mountain Fogs: You will see several times distance drawn is bit crummy with mountains, trees, and other objects, that add quite atmospheric fog around mountains. This is indeed a great effect which helps in masking some drawn issues.
  • Birds of Skyrim: This mod helps in adding several bunches of beautiful and varied birds in this game.
  • Immersive Citizens: This mode is a must-have for immersion. It provides realistic behavior of Non-Player Characters.
  • Magical College of winter-hold: This mod offers a bunch of magically themed enhancement to college which makes it feel more like a proper college of Magic.
  • Wards Act like shields: If you are worried about why wards failed to block a melee attack? It made mages feel under-powered sometimes. This mod fixes it.

Best Skyrim VR Graphics Mods:

  • Flora Overhaul: It offers a better look of grass, plants, and trees in your game.
  • Skyrim 2017 Textures: This mode is a collection of many different files of the mod, each of these addresses specific areas of games texture ranging from bridges and landscapes to mountains and cities. This mod helps in making the game look more beautiful by collecting a range of various mod files together. It adds texture to the surroundings in several ways. It provides the best visual upgrades that you do not want to miss.
  • HD Road signs: Road-signs in vanilla Skyrim are approximately scrawled and they immediately look absolute shadowy in VR. This mod fixes that. This mode further helps in removing blurriness and makes roads signs an integrated form of government.
  • WICO: Skyrim does not have the greatest looking character faces. It is a fact that Bethesda still needs to put great effort to give decent looking NPC. Fortunately, modders are helping out with this ingenious mod.
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod: You must remember that quality and meshes are entirely dissimilar things. You need this mod on top of your mod Skyrim Texture to fill up the areas that it has missed.
  • Realistic Water Two: This mod helps in enhancing the water area throughout the games and provides you an amazing experience. It is a very blissful and calming while you watch yourself standing beside a cascading waterfall and peaceful lake.
  • Improved Blood Textures: This mod is awfully customizable for providing detailed blood color, and size of splatter. You will adore while cranking it up to think like a badass combatant while playing.
  • Practical Light overhaul: It is best lighting mode, however, you need to first confirm if this mod works with your Skyrim VR. This mod is indeed amazing for non-VR Skyrim though.
  • Vivid Weather: This mod is the cherry on top of your cake. This means when you have already received texture and visual enhancement mode, then this mode helps in improving all effects that are related to weather. It gives Skyrim a feel of dangerous wilderness game of adventure.

Best Skyrim VR follower Mods:

  • Inigo: It is one of the best follower mods made for Skyrim VR. It offers you complete expressed with loads of personality. Grasp this mode quickly! If you are likely to receive an excellent companion throughout your gaming adventure.
  • Follower Tweaks: This allows you to take numerous followers, administer their spells, fighting style, and outfits, and also allocate them to definite residences and escalate their skills up. It will also allow them to make camp, ride horses, and dance with you even.
  • Sofia: Sofia is a good choice whom you can take as a female companion. She is less annoying than Lydia. She has given a complete voice and meets all the standards with her wisdom of humor.

Top Skyrim VR game-play and Content Mods:

  • Diverse Dragons Collection: This mode offers a huge diversity of dragons with unique textures, new abilities, and models. It makes the experience more exciting.
  • Mihail animals and Monster: It has an entire collection of mods that provides various kinds of monsters, living thing, and animals. You can look through their list and pick your favorite one as per your taste and requirements.
  • Apocalypse Magic-Spell: This mod provides 155 new spells that feel friendlier without causing breakage to games. All these new abilities that have been included by this mode offers maximum fun while playing a mage way.
  • Summermyst Enhancements: No doubt enhancing is one of the most underestimated but most influential areas in Skyrim VR. This mod creates it better.

Best weapon and armor Mods for Skyrim VR Weapon:

  • Cloaks of Skyrim: You will surely fall in love with cloaks of Skyrim. This mod allows you and Non-Player Characters to wear cloaks.
  • Rustic clothing: It provides you with an additional variety of clothing.
  • Bandolier bags: If you find it difficult to carry weight? Then you do not need to worry anymore! With the help of Bandolier Bags, you can increase your capacity in carrying equipping bags.
  • Immersive Armors: It adds tons of gracious armor to this videogame. It has spread-out all through Skyrim so that you can discover it naturally.
  • Lore Weapon Expansion: It helps in addition to lots of weapons and spread out throughout the game just like  Heavy Armory Weapon Mod and Expanded Skyrim Weaponry.
  • Zim’s Immersive Weapon: It helps to make artifacts more unique and powerful than before in Skyrim.

Best Skyrim VR Mods for New Adventures:

  1. Raven-gate: It is a brand new gladiator theme that promises you in taking underneath of Rifted Sewers for several hours. It offers a complete voice assistant and offers plenty of brand new characters. It has also added arena battles to Skyrim VR with a progression system.
  2. Legacy of Dragon born: It adds brand new Dragon born museum that acts as a central hub. Once you install Legacy of Dragon-born, quests do not feel like they ever existed in a vacuum.
  3. Forgotten City: It offers a heartbreaking, breathtaking adventure that likely explores the darkness of human nature. It offers one of the best story lineups that has been offered in the last fifteen years.

Skyrim has no doubt become one of the most iconic games of all time. If you want to rank this game based on its number of modes it supports, then nearly around 28,000 mods present in Stream and Sixty thousands of mods in Nexus. There is a wide range of mods presents that you can imagine or ever dreamt of!

Pros of Skyrim VR Mods:

Let us discuss some technical merits and demerits of Skyrim VR.

  1. Character Interaction: Characters in Skyrim are realistic to view. However, Facial indicators are barely detailed beyond all binary responses such as anger, happiness, hate, and confusion. Furthermore, a text-based dialog box often blocks the body of character you are talking to.
  2. Visual Quality: Have you ever found that giant spiders drool? Have you ever seen bugs that crawl across tree branches? Skyrim VR mod is for the first time have presented all these minute details to its lovely users.
  3. World Scale: It is one of the most impressive aspects of Skyrim VR. It is noted very often that Skyrim VR provides a greater scale of appreciation. Starting from huge mountains to long distances, to the club of big giant, to the vastness of Tamriel’s great halls, Skyrim VR marked a graphical hit in the market among its most recent competitors.
  4. Control System: It offers an option for smooth locomotion that allows players to move continuously in the direction instructed by the position of their PlayStation. It presents a huge variety of comfort options that are available to players. However, a lot of experimentation and digging is required in order to receive the best out of control system.

Cons of Skyrim VR Mods:

  1. Fade to Black: It is another double-edged sword. Skyrim VR has to depend on forced movement in the opening sequence of video games at that time when the player encounters a move against them from an enemy that rotates over a specific distance. Video Game gets cut to black before reopening with the player on a new location. This is indeed a concession that needed to avoid inducing simulation sickness, but when you are in the middle of a quest or a battle, it can certainly lead to be disorientating.


1Q. How to install Nexus Mod Manager?

Ans: You need to follow simple steps to install Nexus Mod Manager:

  • Step One: You need to download the Nexus Mod Manager that helps in organizing and keeping tracks of all mods of yours.
  • Step Two: Now you need to run Nexus Mod Manager on administrative mode. You have to cancel auto search once it opens by clicking on the Stop Searching button present at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Step Three: Click on Skyrim Special Edition.
  • Step Four: Select on (steaminstalletionpath)*\steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR\ folder.
  • Step Five: you need to click on check mark while ignoring a warning checkbox that says “could not find .ese.”

2Q. How to turn Skyrim into Flintlock Fantasy with mods?

Ans: To turn Skyrim into Flintlock Fantasy, you require looking for mods in three areas, as precisely as possible:

  • Weapons: You need the best musket mods for VR to replace bows with handy.
  • Immersion or Themed stuff: Miscellany and various decorations to receive a vibe of the 18th century.
  • Apparel and Armor: You can easily replace your older apparel with more awesome appropriate clothes.

3Q. Does Skyrim VR include DLC?

Ans: Yes, Skyrim VR includes all three expansion DLC packs which comprise of Dawn-guard, Dragon-born, and Hearth-fire. It is indeed a whole lot of content.

4Q. What does the cost of Skyrim VR cost? Where and when can I purchase it?

Ans: Skyrim VR is going to cost you around 60 dollars; you can start pre-ordering it on for play station 4. You can also receive a little discount if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

5Q. What do we require to play Skyrim VR?

Ans: To play Skyrim VR, you required minimum system requirements which are as follows:

  • OS: Windows 7 of 64-bits versions.
  • It needs a processor of Intel Core i5-6600k.
  • It requires a memory of 8 GB ram.
  • It needs graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970.
  • It requires a storage capacity of 15 GB available space.


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